To join me on My new journey!

There were times I thought this day would never come, but it has! My book, Nobody Knows What Happened in Rwanda: Hope and Horror in the 1994 Genocide, is being adapted into a screenplay. I am celebrating by inviting you to join my book club and become a part of the screenwriting process. We will read the book, discuss it within the Facebook group, have live discussions, giveaways, and hear from my fellow Rwandans.

Once the book is read, you will automatically be put into the Screenwriting group. You will receive regular updates, be asked for input, and have live discussions with me and the screenwriter Shari Roberts of Transformations by Shari.

Can I count you in?

It's Free & Easy to Join!

Step 1

Order my book by clicking on one of the icons to the right.

Step 2

Click on this link to to join the Man From Rwanda-1994 Genocide Book Club.

Step 3

Lastly, send me a Facebook Friend request and follow me on Twitter and I’ll follow you back.

See you inside the group!