April 6, 1994.

That date would be seared forever in the memory of Jean Jacques Bosco, a university student in Rwanda at the beginning of the genocide.

In just a few days, he and his fellow students saw the end of the world they knew. Friends turned against friends. Innocent students were massacred. Desperate to save all he could, Bosco led a group of students in a dangerous escape through a unfriendly civil war zone, risking everything to find safety and freedom.

Nobody Knows What Happened in Rwanda is the searing account from one who grew up there, who intimately knew the political tensions that birthed the civil war and the ensuing genocide. Bosco’s account is an important addition to the stories of the Diaspora, and sheds light on the suffering of a people who lived through war, fled as refugees, and now live
with the identity of traitors in their homeland. For him and many others, the war never really ended. As they continue to struggle to clear their names, they hope for justice and a new beginning in the much-loved land of their birth.

This book speaks not just to the horror of war, but to the unquenchable human spirit that rises above racial division to see the humanity in one another. It is a tribute to courage in the darkest of times. It speaks to the importance of faith in one another, and to the love for one’s homeland in the midst of political chaos and destruction.