Septembre 06,  2019

The Honourable Minister Harjit
Ministre de la Défence Nationale
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario

Re: Stop the killing of refugees and or African immigrants in South Africa

Dear Honorable Justin Trudeau

I have the honor to address your highest authority to complain about the deadly situation currently prevailing in the Republic of South Africa.
In fact, like you, Honourable Minister, we are all following through all world channels how some enraged South African citizens are brutally
massacring and murdering refugees and African immigrants residing on the soil of this country. This human butchery is an act of barbarism to be
fought urgently and with all possible energy.
As a Canadian citizen who has you, Honorable Harjit, as my representative for the Vancouver South riding horse in British Columbia, Canada, I
would like you to bring this grave issue to the Prime Minister’s attention, Justin Trudeau, by asking him to request some explanations from the South
African Ambassador in Ottawa, Canada, the reasons why his government has permitted this unprecedented barbarity to happen.
The South African government should stop these killings and give justice to the families of the victims while apologizing to the international
community and us ,the citizens of the world.

While I am waiting for your response and an urgent and concrete action, I thank you.


Jean Jacques BOSCO

Honourable  Justin Trudeau
Primer Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON

Dear Jean Jacques Bosco: 

On behalf of the Minister of National Defence, I wish to thank you for your email. The issue you raise falls under the responsibility of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and consequently I have taken the liberty of forwarding your correspondence to the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

Yours sincerely, V-BManagerMinister’s Correspondence Unit 
c.c.     Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs