Jean Jacques Bosco grew up and lived in Rwanda until the age of 28, where he had an enjoyable but short-lived career, first as a High school teacher at Rambura Secondary School and then as a Television journalist. He studied intermittently TV journalism in Belgium and France from 1990-1993.
The author holds a BA in Philosophy and Master’s Degree in Sociology of Communication from the University of Lomé in Togo. JJ Bosco has several diplomas namely in Education, TV Journalism, and English as a second language.

At a young age, Jean Jacques Bosco had strong ideals of contributing to his homeland’s social, economic, and political growth so that all Rwandans could enjoy equal rights and opportunities. His youthful sense of hope and optimism would soon be dashed as he found himself fleeing genocide in 1994 and living in exile. During his first 2 years of exile, he had hopes of one day returning to his homeland but again watched how his countrymen, this time his Hutu kinsmen, desperately faced a second Rwandan genocide in the Congo DRC in 1996.

These two tragedies forced him to continue his road to exile in Canada, only to learn there was an international warrant to prosecute him as a participant in the 1994 genocide.

Fear, trauma and uncertainty were part of his life for 9 years before it could be confirmed that the accusations that he was a war criminal were baseless. He has also been detained several times in European international airports due to these false allegations that followed him across the globe by way of an Interpol warrant.

Despite these challenges, Jean Jacques Bosco remains hopeful. A life-long learner, Jean Jacques Bosco is concurrently completing a BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, Canada and an LLB in Criminal Law online at the University of London in England.

In Canada, Jean Jacques Bosco has owned and operated a Soccer Academy for toddlers, children, youth, and adults since 2000, and he continues to be a community soccer promoter and a community soccer volunteer.

He has a family and 3 children.

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