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A Message from the Author


Life experience similar to that of JJ Bosco, the Author of:

“Nobody Knows What Happened in Rwanda”: Hope and Horror in the 1994 Genocide”

When God has a plan for you, he does everything to get you out of danger. People might watch
you fight and stand by helplessly, but when God has a plan for you, you will emerge alive.

What’s more, you will emerge the winner.

There are some battles in life you will have to fight alone. You might find yourself in difficult and dangerous times, times when it is up to you, and you alone, to survive. You will have no choice but to live through the pain, and endure the tears of the heart, because the battle is yours alone.

Though you have friends, parents, children, relatives… even a whole country you belong to, there are times it will be just you, alone, while the whole world watches. In such moments of destined tribulation, there is no one else to fight your fight. The bystanders will not help, they cannot help you. You might think that those closest to you; your spouse, child, parents, boss; that they will help you. No one can help you through the trials that are meant for you alone.

Listen, when you step up to fight, expect your heart to pound and your breath to be heavy. Do not back down, you must persevere. Don’t expect anyone to come to your rescue, or fight alongside you. When it is your battle, it is yours alone to win. Those who stand by and watch your misfortune are afraid, and ultimately will turn their backs on you.

But listen! Once God has a good plan for you, nothing will erode your life, nothing will touch you. You will not be destroyed by adversity.

Finally, when God has a good plan for you, he will honour his promise to always rescue you from the crocodile’s teeth. Only God has the almighty power to save you. And he will protect you through your most heinous trials and relieve your pain. Everyone will be amazed by how you made it through the danger.

Just as the hippopotamus rescued the buffalo from the teeth of the crocodile, God will save you.

He might send an angel, a man, a savior, or even come for you himself. He will save you from the crocodile’s teeth. Don’t let your limp, your wounds or your sorrow stop you from walking your journey and living your great intentions. Your great journey is your VICTORY!


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